Friday, August 4, 2017

The Bizarre Facts About Beer You Probably Didn't Know Before

Many people drink beer without knowing certain facts about the third most widely drunk beverage after water and tea!

On this International Beer Day, impress your friends and loved ones with your never-ending knowledge of all things beer.

So, here you go…

• The Czech Republic is the beer drinking capital of the world. Each Czech drinks an average of 40 gallons a year!

• Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids while consuming a healthy amount of beer. About four litres a day, to be exact. It probably helped with creativity.

• Ancient Babylonians took the seriousness of brewing to a whole new level. If a bad batch was made, the brewer was drowned in it. At least it didn’t go to waste.

• Vikings believed that a giant goat resided in Valhalla whose udders were filled with an unlimited supply of beer. Hmmmm!

• Beer does a body good! It contains a high level of silicon which increases the calcium deposits and minerals for healthy bone tissue. Blah!


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